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About Pallas’67

Pallas’67, the track and field club for Wageningen and surroundings, is free for admission for everybody that wants to practice track and field.

Whether you’re a junior, senior or master, man or woman, recreational or competition minded, runner or more feeling towards throwing or jumping.
Pallas’67 was founded on April 1, 1967 and is a member of the Atletiekunie. .

Most practices start at the track of the University Sport centre ‘De Bongerd’, Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE in Wageningen, which has a tartan track.
Besides practices Pallas’67 also organizes runs, the 'torch-run' on May 4 and youth competitions.

Seven times a year the Wageningen track and field news is discussed in the WAK, a news bulletin written together with the university’s track and field club Tartlétos. And besides that there are several other social activities (announced in Dutch in Agenda).

Although most of this website is in Dutch we welcome members who do not speak Dutch (yet). You should be able to speak and understand some English to be able to understand the coaches.

Want to join us?

Whoever is not a member yet, but wants to participate: potential members can join 4 training sessions for free. Please contact one of the trainers (see page trainers) for more information, since the schedules adults and childeren. are only available in Dutch yet. Below a short description of the available groups, including the year(s) of birth for each group.

Pupils: running and technical disciplines.

Juniors: running and technical disciplines. Adult groups: running on trails, roads and track and technical disciplines. (more elaborate descriptions will be published soon)

To become a member of Pallas '67, fill out this form on-line or print it and send it to the membership administration: Pallas '67 p.a. Boeslaan 39, 6703 EN Wageningen.

Membership for 2016 (incl. KNAU-membership)

children     100.00 Euro
adults  115.00 Euro
woods group    52,50 Euro
supporter     25,00 Euro

For pupils and juniors a competition licence is obligatory, therefore it is included in the membership fee. Adults can chose between a recreational KNAU contribution or a competition licence. Every new member pays 7.50 Euro KNAU registration costs.